O'Reilly's Irish Pub (2024)

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Copyright: maggee/Shutterstock.com

DESTINATIONS germanyfrankfurtBars & NightlifeO'Reilly's Irish Pub

O'Reilly's Irish Pub

The traditional Irish pub O'Reilly's offers a cosy atmosphere and good homemade Irish traditional food and Guinness. Besides eating and drinking, you can also watch sport events or visit for one of their karaoke nights. They also have pool and darts, if you are up for a game.

Bars & Nightlife

Frankfurt has a highly diversified range of offers available during the evening hours as well, so think about discovering the Main metropolis from one of its many sky-high lounges, a stylish piano bar, or by way of a concert at one of the city's many clubs.Good places to spend your evening with a drink are Sachsenhausen, with its many bars and pubs, and the trendy station district, where a lot of new, modern and creative bars and clubs have opened during the last years.

Copyright: Bilanol/Shutterstock.comAlt-SachsenhausenAlt-Sachsenhausen, with its apple wine pubs, historical half-timbered houses andnarrow alleys, stands for Frankfurt cosiness and hospitality. No sojourn in Frankfurt is complete without a quick visit for a glass of the renowned …Read more
Copyright: Champiofoto/Shutterstock.comMaincaféA park, a few benches, some tables and beer. It sounds simple enough, but in summer people congregate here, fill the surrounding lawns and drink Weiss beer. Maincafé lies by the river Main and comes into its own when the summer sun sets behind the city's …Read more
Copyright: IxMaster/Shutterstock.comJazzkellerRight in the heart of the city you can find Jazzkeller, a club that has hosted some of the world's best jazz musicians through the years. The club is normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays unless there is a special concert. All other nights of the week you can enjoy live concerts and jam …Read more
Copyright: Christopher Gardiner/Shutterstock.comClub VoltaireClub Voltaire is a cultural club that offers different events and readings, perfect for all culture vultures out there. Here you can also enjoy traditional food and drinks such as various beer, carefully selected wines, soft drinks, long drinks and spirits for a reasonable …Read more
Copyright: Igor Normann/Shutterstock.comLuna BarThis bar was once called the best co*cktail bar in Germany, so, to see if this statement is true, you should pay this one a visit. Luna Bar offers a cosy atmosphere and occasionally live bands. From the bar you can choose between 130 different co*cktails and 100 …Read more
Copyright: santypan/Shutterstock.comBarhundertBarhundert is a bustling bar right in the middle of the city. Here you can drink carefully prepared co*cktails, done with quality spirits, fresh fruits and herbs, both classics and unique ones. A place where to enjoy an evening out with friends and listen to DJs spinning electronic …Read more
Copyright: Roman Voloshyn/Shutterstock.comElfer Music ClubIf you are a rock, metal, techno or indie fan, you will feel right at home at the Elfer Music Club. Here you can enjoy live music, DJ acts, grab a few beers and head over to the dance floor. Although it is a small club, the vibe is cool and many top-class concerts …Read more
Copyright: Volt Collection/Shutterstock.comBirmingham PubFor a traditional English and guest friendly pub you can head to the Birmingham Pub, in the heart of Frankfurt. This cosy place shows all major sport events and offers great food like salads, schnitzel and burgers, including small snacks. They also have a huge selection of international beers, wines, whiskeys and spirits, as …Read more
Copyright: maggee/Shutterstock.comO'Reilly's Irish PubThe traditional Irish pub O'Reilly's offers a cosy atmosphere and good homemade Irish traditional food and Guinness. Besides eating and drinking, you can also watch sport events or visit for one of their karaoke nights. They also have pool and darts, if you are up for a …Read more
Copyright: Bernd Juergens/Shutterstock.comEschenheimer TurmRight inside the Eschenheimer Turm, an old city gate, this bar and restaurant offers a variety of meals, like burgers, hot stone dishes and more. You can also enjoy non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks until late at night, either inside next to the fireplace or outside. A very different kind of experience are the restrooms …Read more
Copyright: kondr.konst/Shutterstock.comBatschkappBatschkapp (dialect for a flat cap) is one of the most popular concert venues in Frankfurt. It hosts various pop, rock and alternative concerts, as well as themed parties and other …Read more
O'Reilly's Irish Pub (2024)


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