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Dribblingis crucial for winning games in the latest video game by EA Sports-‘FIFA 23’. Before you can score inFIFA 23, you must move the ball and pass the opposition. Your ability to control your game will increase as your dribbling improves. In the guide below we cover some tips & tricks you must keep in mind and we’ll also learn ‘How to Dribble?’

Dribbling in FIFA 23

The most significant change this year apart from the changes in graphics and others, particularly on New-Gen consoles, is left stick dribbling. Players need to maintain patience sinceTechnical Dribbling is a brand-new system that will take a significant amount of time to learn. Dribbling is more difficult than it was last year, so the advice here would be that you use the button for shielding whenever in possession of the ball, in order to help guard the ball and deflect a touch away from your attacker. When you get the ball, it is very crucial to maintain the ball to yourself considering that if you lose it, it would be very hard to get it back.

Use smooth actions inside the box, and with time and practice, you'll master the new interface. The new approach has certain advantages because it enables your character to navigate paths and dribble in ways that were before impossible. Check out various types of dribbling moves below.

Basic Dribbling Moves

To perform basic dribbling, you need to be proficient at the following actions:

Advanced Dribbling Moves

You must practice more complex dribbling tactics before moving on, such as:

  • Face up Dribbling

  • Drag Back

  • Strafe Dribbling

  • Fake Pass

  • Fake Shot

How to easily Dribble in FIFA 23?

Mini-games that prioritize your time with the ball are hidden within FIFA 23's skill games and practice modes because this aspect of the game has received a lot of attention. You can now simply use "Agile Dribbling" to dribble past opponents due to a number of factors. Agile Dribbling is an underutilized mechanic in this year's game, in contrast to holding down Sprint, which will let you sprint past an opponent with agility, and the trick stick, which may be very effective if you have a 5-star skiller. Because they are so focused on the latest Power Shot mechanic and making sure they don't botch up the new Griddy celebration, only a few players make use of this.

Tips and Tricks for Dribbling

First Touch Control

This is still effective; by positioning your player close to the ball as you receive it and speeding up the execution of the subsequent instruction. This works particularly well in confined spaces, such as in and near your opponent's box.

Strafe and Agile Dribbling

Strafe dribbling: The focus is on keeping the ball near the body.

Agile Dribbling: Focusing mostly on the body and making agile motions when dribbling

This year, strafing & Agile dribbling can be considered the main attractions. The main change from the previous year is that you wouldn’t need to hold any button; small taps while changing lanes feel better than left-stick dribbling, and it is simpler to maneuver past an opponent. Although it may vary from person to person, strafe dribbling works best in straight lines; while agile dribbling works better in diagonal lines. If you want to learn but are unfamiliar or at ease with these commands, we'd recommend that strafe dribbling is best for unskilled players and agile dribbling is best forskiller players.

First Touch

What you're able to do after receiving the ball depends on your initial touch. It positions you for any ensuing choice. Always try to make your first contact if you can. Anytime you enter a space where a defender is present, you give him or her a chance to confront you for the ball. It's not an option if you send it into the open. Given how unpredictable FIFA is with touches, you should never attack a defender with your first touch.

Moving backward is a simple approach when there isn't much room for you to move into. You have time to observe what occurs and respond to it as a result. A first-time pass back to the player who had it is your greatest choice if find yourself completely surrounded.

Change of Pace

Changing the pace of your moves gives you a surprising burst of space that can help you go past your opponent and create room for a shot or pass, just like it did last year. Since the tempo has been significantly slowed down this year, this works best when you need to get a shot off.

Changes in tempo, but going between fast to slow could also throw the defender off guard and cause him to charge past. The simplest way to accomplish this is to simply move up naturally without using any directional inputs, and when a defender approaches quickly, increase your speed.

How to Dribble in FIFA 23 - MMOPIXEL (1)

Pace and Angles

If a defender is approaching from a distance, you can take advantage of the hype surroundinglengthy. It is easier to go around a defender if one considers the moves that come naturally to them. When you combine this with shifts in pace, you become challenging to read and counter.

The Herrera Spin

They have made it even simpler this year, and gamers adore it. This is the one piece of advice we would urge you to incorporate into your play. Almost always, a single movement like the Herrera Spin is sufficient to trick the defense. Although most users use it mostly around the box, you can use it elsewhere to release pressure.

Have More Dribblers in your squad

The player that has a higher DRI will dribble more effectively. If you're playing FUT, try to include at least two players on your squad who dribble frequently. In every other case, pick your team's best dribblers for the areas where you'll need to dribble the football more frequently.

Best Dribblers to choose in FIFA 23

Lionel Messi

The best dribbler in FIFA once more isLionel Messi, who also possesses incredible passing and shooting statistics that make him a lethal offensive player.

Neymar Jr

Neymar's dribbling and technical moves make him a force from the left-wing position as well. With his speed & dribbling, he can swerve past the opponent's defenders and pose a serious threat to them.

Kylian Mbappe

In addition to being thefastest playerin FIFA 23, Kylian Mbappe also possesses a great dribbling stat, rendering him a lethal striker. Together with Messi & Neymar, he is a part of the PSG front three, which is unquestionably the best-attacking trio in FIFA 23.

Roberto Silva

Bernardo Silva of Manchester City is the FIFA 23 midfielder with the strongest dribbling. He is an offensive midfielder with exceptional ball control and mobility who can get past opponents.

Marco Veratti

Another PSG player who makes the list of the finest dribblers in FIFA 23 is Marco Veratti, another midfielder who makes the list. He also possesses superb ball control, which perfectly complements his dribbling and makes it easier for him to get past other players.

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When dribbling, it's all about reading your opponent and outplaying them, especially when it comes to utilizing open space. Being able to flip between dribbling and passing, makes you very difficult to defend against. The most crucial thing is to choose a dribbling style that works for you out of all the possible variations. With this, we conclude our guide onDribblingand we hope that this important skill will be much easier to perform in the game for you!

How to Dribble in FIFA 23 - MMOPIXEL (2024)


What is the best dribbling style in FIFA 23? ›

Agile Dribbling – Emphasis on the body and agile movements. This year is all about strafe and agile dribbling. The biggest difference from last year is that you shouldn't be holding it in, slight taps when changing directions feel smother then left-stick dribbling and makes it easier to get around your opponent.

What is the easiest skill move in FIFA 23? ›

The Ball Roll is perhaps the simplest FIFA 23 Skill Move, but it is also one of the most important, and every player should learn it. The Ball Roll is performed simply by flicking the right stick to the right or the left, in either direction. The player will then roll the ball to either the left or the right.

What is technical dribbler in FIFA 23? ›

Technical Dribbling is the new default dribble style using the Left Stick, and any player can perform it, although the quality of the dribble is still heavily dependent on the player's Dribbling Attributes.

What is the griddy in FIFA 23? ›

The Griddy Dance is a one of the popular dances that was recently added to FIFA 23. It involves your Ultimate Team performing a unique, animated dance after scoring a goal. We've already mensioned that the Griddy was created by Allen Davis and became popular due to celebrity promotion in American football and soccer.

How to do RB dribbling? ›

You perform this dribbling style by holding R1 for PlayStation or RB for Xbox and using the left analog stick. R1 dribbling is by far the best dribble in EA FC24, and you will perform a lot better in your games if you get the hang of it.

What does the dribbling stat do in FIFA 23? ›

Dribbling and Ball Control - How close or far the ball can stay to the dribbler. Dribbling and Reactions - How much speed the ball carrier maintains while dribbling. Dribbling, Agility, Balance and Reactions - How quickly the ball carrier can transition between different dribbling animations.


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