Golfer Grace Charis Flaunts Space Buns In Her Plunging Crop Top (2024)

Golfer Grace Charis is trying out a new style!

The popular OnlyFans model took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, and ever since that time, she's been entertaining her followers with videos of her golfing braless in a colorful crop top.

Although she kept her signature crop top, Grace decided to switch up her look a little bit by changing out her long pigtails for space buns!

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Golfer Grace Charis Golfs Braless In Her Plunging Crop Top

Golfer Grace Charis Flaunts Space Buns In Her Plunging Crop Top (1)

It seems that Grace loves her space buns so much that she decided to pin them to the top of her page! In this Instagram post, Grace tied her hair back into two space buns on either side of her head, tucked just above her black visor.

She matched her look with a short black skirt and a turquoise blue crop top with a plunging neckline. It’s pretty clear that she’s braless underneath the thin material, a fact that her fans can’t help but comment on. In the caption, Grace wrote, “Hey are you the green? … because I’m always missing you.”

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Golfer Grace Charis Flaunts Space Buns In Her Plunging Crop Top (2)

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In another shot, Grace is squatting down on the green, with one of her gloved hands planted on her upper thigh. She is holding a white golf ball in her hand as she looks away from the camera, showing off her signature shark tooth necklace. Considering her distance from the hole, it looks like Grace might have just retrieved her ball before she decided to pose for a photo.

“Are you good – or just cute? Okay – cute will do!” one fan commented. “Love your golf videos and pictures. You always look beautiful and having a great time playing,” another follower wrote. “Why, how you doing?” a third fan gushed. “Using a driver when you're 50 yards from the pin?” another follower asked. “50 yd driver, off the back trees, on the green, it's in the hole,” another fan teased.

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Grace Shows Off Her Swing In Her Little Crop Top!

Grace couldn’t resist showing off her signature swing in a video that she put at the end of her Instagram carousel. She adjusts her stance before she launches the neon green ball up in the air and then turns around to face the camera, flashing her signature style. Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly where that ball went!

“Where did you send that ball???” another follower asked. “Lol I’m gonna have to use this one!! Nice swing!” another fan chimed in. “Sweet Grace, feminine perfection with golfing acumen is very irresistibly desirable!” another follower gushed. “Looking good, Grace!” another fan commented while another follower called her swing “terrific!”

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Golfer Grace Charis Flaunts Space Buns In Her Plunging Crop Top (3)

Fans couldn’t get enough of her latest post, with one fan calling her “mad cute” and another follower calling her the “best-looking female golfer.” Another fan wrote, “Very, very good … and a decent swing too.” Another follower said they loved “Girls with freckles on their shoulders and a pure swing,” while another fan called her the “golfing queen.”

Of course, some fans couldn’t resist asking Grace if they would be up for a round or two of golf with them. As luck would have it, Grace actually has an option on her website to give followers the chance to buy a full round of 18 holes of golf with her… for only $100,000.00!

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Anyone Want To Play A Round of Golf With Grace Charis?

Golfer Grace Charis Flaunts Space Buns In Her Plunging Crop Top (4)

According to the description on her website, the hefty price tag covers hotel, airfare, and food for Grace and her team, which consists of her manager, bodyguard, and filmer, who will all serve as her travel companions.

“The purchaser will cover the round of golf along with amenities (water or extra golf balls),” she wrote in the description. “No exchange of money for sexual acts is allowed or permitted by the law. This purchase is purely a round of golf with Grace. At any time Grace feels uncomfortable she is allowed to leave the course.” Grace also warns that no refunds are allowed at this time, so buyer beware!

Interested in more Grace Charis content? In another Instagram video, the popular OnlyFans model stepped off the green to shoot a steamy car wash that featured her getting soaking wet and very soapy! Fans can check out that steamy video by clicking here!

Golfer Grace Charis Flaunts Space Buns In Her Plunging Crop Top (2024)


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