Gabe Kapler's Leading Lady: Meet His Wife and Explore Their Love Story (2024)

Lisa Jansen Kapler, formerly married to renowned baseball outfielder Gabe Kapler, separated in 2013 after a lengthy marriage. Gabe, having played for teams like the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox, now manages the San Francisco Giants in MLB.

The couple's union lasted several years, and Gabe, with an impressive athletic career, transitioned into a managerial role in baseball. Currently leading the San Francisco Giants, Gabe Kapler's professional journey evolved from his successful playing days to a prominent managerial position in Major League Baseball.

Previously Married to MLB Manager, Gabe Kapler

Gabe Kapler, a former professional baseball player turned MLB manager, married his high school sweetheart Lisa Jansen in 1999, but their union concluded amicably in 2013.

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Despite the divorce, Kapler emphasized their enduring friendship. The couple had two children, Chase (22) and Dane (20), who have largely maintained a private life despite their father's celebrity.

Both kids occasionally share snippets of their lives on platforms like Instagram. Chase is reportedly a student at UCLA, while Dane is active in football at the University of British Columbia.

Get to Know Lisa Kapler's Children

Chase Kapler, born on October 8, 1999, graduated from Malibu High School in 2018. Currently pursuing computer science at the University of California, he anticipates graduating in 2023. Chase is a full-time software development intern at Dell, serving as a react native development lead and class director at ACM Teach LA.

Previously, he interned at the Office of Congressman Brad Sherman and volunteered with the Disaster Accountability Project in 2016 and 2017. Meanwhile, Dane Kapler, Gabe Kapler's younger son, graduated from Ventura High School in 2020. Unlike his father, Dane chose football and is a running back for the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds at 5'11.

Current Relationship Status

Gabe Kapler is presently single, dedicating his focus to his coaching career without a current romantic involvement.

Following their separation, details about his ex-wife Lisa's relationship status are undisclosed, as she maintains a low-profile life, avoiding media attention.

Despite the painful split, Lisa is navigating life privately, leaving room for the possibility of a new relationship in the future.

What Lisa Kapler Does For Living?

Following her education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Lisa Kapler served as an Emotional Weight Loss coach in Malibu. Presently, she works as an intuitive health and compassion coach in California.

In 2004, Lisa made a significant disclosure about her history, revealing that she had been a victim of domestic violence. Engaging in an abusive relationship from the age of 14, during her ninth-grade year in a Southern California high school, the ordeal persisted until she was 17.

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Ex-Spouse, Gabe Kapler's MLB Playing Career

Gabe Kapler, a late 57th-round draft pick by the Detroit Tigers in 1995, excelled in the minor leagues. He showcased remarkable performances, notably winning the Class AA Southern League MVP in 1998.

Making his MLB debut with the Tigers in 1998, he later played for the Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, and Boston Red Sox. Kapler's career included stints in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants.

After returning to the Red Sox, he retired in 2006 but briefly managed the Greenville Drive in 2007. Kapler then played for the Milwaukee Brewers, and Tampa Bay Rays, and briefly joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2011 before his retirement.

His Coaching Career

Gabe Kapler, after managerial success with the Philadelphia Phillies from 2018 to 2019, joined the San Francisco Giants in 2020. In his first season, he surpassed expectations, leading the team to a 29–31 record in the pandemic-shortened season.

The Giants narrowly missed the playoffs. In 2021, Kapler orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, guiding the Giants to a franchise-record 107 wins and winning the National League Manager of the Year award.

His unconventional strategies and effective communication earned praise. Despite his accomplishments, Kapler was fired in 2023 as the Giants fell short of postseason qualification for the third time under his management.

Lisa Kapler's Net Worth in 2023

Lisa Kapler, currently employed as an intuitive health and compassion coach in California, boasts a net worth of approximately $700,000 as of 2023. Her wealth, accumulated through a successful career, yields an estimated annual income surpassing $75,000.

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In contrast, Gabe Kapler, her former husband, is a prosperous coach and ex-player with a net worth reaching $25 million in 2023. His yearly earnings are estimated at over $1.5 million.

How Old is Lisa Kapler?

Lisa Jansen Kapler, born on October 29, 1975, is currently 43 years old.

She attended a Southern California high school before furthering her education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Does Lisa Jansen Paler Have Instagram?

Lisa Jansen Kapler does not maintain an Instagram presence.

However, you can follow her husband, Gabe Kapler, on Instagram with the User ID @gabekapler, where he has garnered over 18.8k followers.

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Gabe Kapler's Leading Lady: Meet His Wife and Explore Their Love Story (2024)


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