Arlington Va Noise Ordinance (2024)

1. Noise Control Ordinance - Arlington County

  • The Noise Control Ordinance is the standard for the control of environmental noise and is applied Countywide, except for federal and state regulated ...

  • The Noise Control Ordinance is the standard for the control of environmental noise and is applied Countywide, except for federal and state regulated properties and thoroughfares.


  • The County Board of Arlington County hereby finds and declares that at certain levels noise can be detrimental to the public's health, safety, ...

3. Arlington publishes guide to noise complaints as neighbors protest ...

  • 23 mrt 2022 · If you look at the noise ordinance limits in Arlington, for SFH's (R6 zoning), the maximum continuous volume allowed is 60 decibels. They ...

  • Residents of a North Arlington neighborhood say a large house with a huge yard on their quiet cul-de-sac is generating even bigger problems: boisterous parties, underage drinking, fast driving and trash. "This is worse than an accident waiting to happen; it's a potential tragedy in the making," said Darren Trigonoplos, a resident of the Riverwood

4. Arlington's new noise law tightens up on late-night screams and wails, so ...

  • 10 mei 2014 · The law, which goes into effect July 1, bars any person from “yelling, wailing, shouting or screaming” from 2 to 6 a.m. seven days a week ...

  • The yelling, shouting and screaming is now limited, and residents hope for a peaceful night’s rest.

5. Arlington to try out new noise-enforcement protocol


  • 7 apr 2014 · ruled that the noise control ordinance of the City of Virginia ... Through its noise control ordinance, Arlington endeavors to control noise.

7. Morning Poll: Which of these noise complaints has the most merit?

  • 13 jun 2023 · Arlington's noise control regulations require that noise for Zone S-3A is below 95 decibels for “impulsive noise” during daytime hours (7am – ...

  • One inevitability of running a local news outlet is that you'll get plenty of people contacting you with complaints about stuff, some more newsworthy than others. In general, we're disinclined to use our limited reporting resources as a cudgel against pet peeves that lack greater significance or safety concerns to the community at large. More

8. [PDF] Barking Dog - Animal Welfare League of Arlington

  • The magistrate may issue a summons if he or she thinks there is adequate evidence to substantiate the claim of a noise ordinance violation. Virginia State Code ...

9. Arlington County Updates Noise Ordinance; Penalties for Repeaters

  • 12 mei 2014 · Enhanced prohibited acts to address issues such as loud music, nighttime gatherings in residential districts, idling commercial vehicles, use of ...

  • Top complaints from community include loud parties or gatherings, construction noise, animal noise and live entertainment venues.

10. Ch15_NoiseControl.pdf -

  • Er is geen informatie beschikbaar voor deze pagina. · Informatie waarom dit gebeurt

11. [PDF] Understanding NOISE

  • 13 nov 2012 · ... , Suite 1000. Arlington, Virginia 22201 | 703-228-3800. For more information, visit (keyword: noise control ordinance).

12. [PDF] Noise Ordinance Comments_103012 - Arlington County Civic Federation

  • two different sections (building code and zoning), and since the Virginia. Supreme Court decision in April 2009, it's been difficult to get the police to ...

13. Report a Complaint - City of Arlington

  • You can report code violations (including graffiti) 24 hours a day by calling 817-459-6777 and giving the information to the operator or voice mail system. You ...

  • You can report code violations (including graffiti) 24 hours a day by calling 817-459-6777 and giving the information to the operator or voice mail system. You may also email us using our Action Center Request Form. Life-safety issues are typically inspected the same day. Non-life-safety complaints are inspected within two to three business days. For specific information, request to speak to the officer responsible for your neighborhood.

14. Public Policy Archives - Arlington (VA) Chamber of Commerce

  • ... Arlington County Noise Control Ordinance. The County has not sufficiently engaged with affected stakeholders, such as restaurants, to learn about possible ...

  • View Chamber public policy position archives to state and local governments.

15. Ban Gas Blowers and Mowers in Arlington VA for a quiet healthier ...

  • Change the local ordinance on noise to ban gasoline leaf blowers and lawn mowers and other lawn equipment so as to eliminate harmful noise and pollutants in ...

  • Reduce noise and air pollution in Arlington: Ban Gas Power Blowers and Mowers and Lawn equipment 12/8/20 With the fall season of dropping leaves, the scourge of loud gas-powered leaf blowers has returned to disturb the peace, and worsen the air quality of Arlington neighborhoods. While many Arlington residents may accept this as just a necessary but largely harmless nuisance, research on noise and air quality indicate that gas-powered mowers and blowers pose a significant health risk to...


  • 27 jul 2020 · ... Virginia · Publications; Report. cover image: ARLINGTON COUNTY CODE NOISE CONTROL. Premium. 20.500.12592/pkwx3s. ARLINGTON COUNTY CODE NOISE ...

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17. Arlington County - 692 updates &mdash - Nextdoor

  • Please leave 911 lines open for emergencies. Noise Control Ordinance. The Noise Control Ordinance ...

  • The official Nextdoor page for Arlington County. Using Nextdoor, we’ll be able to share relevant news and updates with your neighborhood, organize emergency plans, and coordinate events. We look forward to connecting with you on Nextdoor to build stronger, better informed, and more engaged neighborhoods throughout Arlington. Note: this account is monitored only during business hours. Online Public Participation policy:

Arlington Va Noise Ordinance (2024)
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